Textbook of Nervous Diseases. Clinical Neurology

Edited by
Acad. Prof. Ekaterina Titianova


The publication is dedicated to diseases of the nervous system and is a continuation of the Textbook of General Neurology. It aims to ensure adequate amount of theoretical and practical knowledge of diagnostics, specific therapy, behavior, intensive care, prevention, expert evaluation of work capacity and medical examination of central and peripheral nervous systems. The acquired knowledge is an integral part of the requirements for outpatient and specialized medical care of nervous diseases and is aimed at the formation of practical skills of independent diagnostics and treatment, consulting and expert activity in Neurology.

The Textbook is designed as an interdisciplinary guide, appointed for students of medicine, medical rehabilitation and kinesitherapy, general practitioners, specialists in various fields of medicine, postgraduates and doctoral students, whose obligatory programs include the disciplines “Nervous Diseases” and “Kinesitherapy for Nervous and Mental Illnesses”. Every learner must master mandatory amount of theoretical and practical knowledge defined as the “Minimum Required Level of Competence”. It is included at the end of each chapter of the textbook.

The Manual of Clinical Neurology is richly illustrated with diagrams, illustrations and tables. It reflects modern consensuses for diagnosis and behavior in various neurological disorders and borderline diseases and syndromes, which makes it an useful aid in daily clinical practice.

Authors are 34 prominent Bulgarian specialists in various fields of medicine – neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, angiology, dermatology, general and plastic surgery, infectious diseases, kinesitherapy, physical medicine and physiotherapy, virology, microbiology and neuropharmacology.

The Textbook ends with an overview of the Nobel Prizes in the field of Neurosciences, which are the basis for the progressive development of modern Neurology.